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Dating with an Age Gap

Today it is common to see people dating who have big age gaps. Women date older men or older women date younger men. Today, it is the new trend in dating and it is becoming more prevalent. Why is this happening?

Why do women prefer to date older men?  Women marrying older men is not really a new concept. Many centuries ago, women were expected to be with a man who was more established. Being able to provide for a family comes with age. This is why most women at the right age tend to marry those who are much older than them. This was common during Shakespeare’s time. It was the parents who decided who their daughters should marry. In fact, this was what happened in the story of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was bound to marry an older man when Romeo came along. In this modern world right now, the answer to the question is still the same.  It is the older men who are able to provide the things needed for a family to settle down. There is financial security. Being secure is an important matter when it comes to making a family of your own. It is only right to choose someone who will help you make your family live comfortably. Then why do men choose to date younger women?

Men choose to be with a younger woman because it makes them feel young again. Aside from being physically attracted to younger dates, there is the feeling of being superior from others. Other men envy those who are able to date a young and beautiful woman. It makes him feel good about himself and makes him feel more confident. He can bring her anywhere, especially on important events.

On the other hand, there are also men who prefer to date women who are much older than them. This is as common but the trend is increasing. What is the reason for this? It is the same as why women date older men. Some prefer older women because they are more mature and well established. They have more experience and have fewer issues. Older women know what to do when a problem comes along. They are more confident and can manage themselves really well. Women who are older are not that interested in playing dating games. There are also popular personalities who are married to someone much older or younger than them.

Older women date young men because it also makes them feel young and alive again. It makes them feel beautiful and adored and have more confidence in their looks. Dating with age gaps is not a bad thing although some people will judge. Whatever your reasons might be, the most important thing is you enjoy each other’s company and what you feel for each other is genuine.

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