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Pensioner Dating – Attracting Men (part 2)

You’ve been there and done that too! Now you know what you like. You are a better lover than you were at 20 because you know what you like. And if you feel like you have to be demure and shy, get rid of that! You have the right to be a strong, sensual woman — even as a senior citizen. You don’t have to be that coy little person anymore. Assert yourself and enjoy the results!
Older women tend to be more daring as well. They’re the ones signing up for all that adventure travel. Odds are you’ll find more older women than men on cruises to the Antarctic, treks through Nepal and gorilla-watching expeditions in Africa.
Women are more liberated when the kids move out and allow them to reclaim the lives they put on hold decades ago.
If you’re interested in a man above all, exude comfort with yourself. Know that you deserve to find love and companionship and let him know that. When you are confident, you will be stronger and that’s what surviving in the dating world is really all about.

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