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Pensioner Dating – Attracting Women (part 1)

Dating is not easy for everyone. To some it could an exciting and fun activity that allows them to meet other people, and maybe even their potential life partner! But for others, this ritual can feel like a slow and painful torture, leading to an execution; especially for those men who do not have much luck when it comes to attracting women. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

When in person, read body language. Chances are, she’s putting out some signals. Some tell-tale signs of interest include: Biting her lips; Twirling her hair; Touching her face; or Laughing and touching you.

Whether online or in person, be approachable and open to conversation. Be friendly and ask questions. Smile a lot when in person. Convey that smile when online. You can actually do this online through positive comments. When face to face, it’s important to be clean and presentable.
Make eye contact, too. There’s nothing more attractive than having someone look directly into their eyes while they are talking with them. They say the eyes are the window to the soul.

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