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Pensioner Dating – Attracting Women (part 2)

Following on from last week, have something clever to say. Women love men with a great personality and this can be conveyed through what you say. If the woman you’re talking with has a love of literature, quote something from a well-known book. If she loves the theatre, refer to the symbolism in her favorite play. You’ll not only win her heart, but her respect as well.
And no matter what people may tell you — chivalry is not dead and women DO appreciate it. This is especially true for seniors. Senior women remember the day when a man opened the door for a woman and let her enter a room first. Pull her chair out for her at a restaurant and help her put on her coat. While feminism is still alive and well, all women love to be pampered and remembering these tried and true techniques will impress her — trust me!

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