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Pensioner Dating – INTERNET LINGO (part 1)

You may already know that chatting on the Internet can have its own language and expressions. But if you’re not very experienced with chatting, you may find yourself lost when someone says lol. There are hundreds and hundreds of these abbreviations and emoticons. We’ll just look at a few of them.
• b4n — bye for now
• bf — best friend or boyfriend
• btw — by the way
• gtg — got to go
• jw — just wondering
• lol — laughing out loud
• msg — message
• omg — oh my gosh
• rl — real life
• ru — are you?
• tc — take care
• thx — thanks
• tyvm — thank you very much
• ur — you are
• xoxo — hugs and kisses
You may want to also use emoticons to express how
you are feeling for example
:-) = agreeing or smiling
:( = sad
The fact is that communicating on the internet can have a language of its own which you should embrace, not fear.

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